Review: Crash by Nicole Williams

The Good: This books started really strong, I thought the writing was good, I didn’t see that many typos or grammar errors, I thought it was just perfectly described and I really liked Jude, the love interest. I didn’t connect with the heroine Lucy though. I really liked the cover.

The Bad: Even though I loved Jude I had a hard time with the flow of the story. The characters fell a little flat too. I think my expectations were too high but I’ll probably read again from this author.

The Ugly: Overall it all came down to character development. It failed there so while the plot was interesting, the characters were really forgettable

ETA: This book was recently picked up by Harper Collins and the story has been edited and updated. I’ll be reading it again to see if the editing resolved the conflicts mentioned above. 10/19/12.

Available for Kindle and Nook, also on paperback with new covers.