Review: On Dublin Street by Samantha Young

The Good: Oh my goodness, where to start? I have only praise for this book so just be aware of that. This book is one of the best books I’ve read this year. Not only is the writing flawless but the plot and the character development are superb. Joss is an american girl with Scottish heritage living in Dublin while writing a new chapter in her life. After a personal tragedy she finds herself with little options and no one that she can trust. Independent and career oriented, Joss is looking for company and a new place to live. Dublin Street may have offered just a little more than she’d expected ­čÖé

The Bad: This book will leave you wanting for more and you will have trouble finding another book that you want to read after this one.

The Ugly: Samantha Young announced a second book will be released but will not disclose more about it. We’ll have to wait until 2013.

Available on both ebook and paperback from Amazon and Barnes & Noble.


Review: The Sea of Tranquility by Katja Millay

The Good: I read this book in one seating. From the moment I noticed the main character was not talking I was hooked. The writer lets you inside the head of the main character one little baby step at a time, only revealing pieces of the past, allowing the reader to make their own assumptions and strategically introducing you to secondary characters and subplots without losing focus on the main theme of this novel. To say the least, the writing is brilliant and the character development is beyond enchanting.

The Bad: While I loved the ending I am not quite sure I found the closure that I was looking for. Also this is a stand alone but I’m hopeful for the spin off. Maybe I should start a petition.

The Ugly: The only ugly thing is that you can’t get this in paperback nor hardback.

Available for Kindle and Nook.

Review: Bouquet Toss by Melissa Brown

The Good:┬áMelissa Brown’s debut novel is captivating, heart crushing and just plain REAL. Don’t let the cover fool you to believe this is a Cinderella story. Pain, pain and anguish, pain and uncertainty is more like it. I’ve so rarely seen a debutante author take the risk that Mrs. Brown took with her novel that I was completely intrigued, and while the turn of events made me want to throw my book reader across the room, I hung onto the little hope I had left and was surprisingly rewarded.

The Bad: This book was a little short for me. I wanted more and while the plot was great, I think it needed just a little bit more of character development.

The Ugly: Nothing. Just look at that cover! I’ve never wanted an organza gown and gold colored shoes any more. The only ugly thing about this book is that is not available on at Barnes & Noble.

Available in paperback and kindle format



Review: Captive in the Dark by CJ Roberts

The Good: The writing, hands down the best part about this novel. The author is definitely a fantastic story teller and I look forward to read another story from this author.
While the sensitive nature of the plot was too much for me, the great writing motivated me to finish this book.

The Bad: The story is downright dark, gruesome and disturbing. Way too graphic, and only recommended for a mature audience.

The Ugly: This book was written as one book and then was split in two. It was literally chopped in half. The first part doesn’t stand alone and I am not interested in reading a part two.

This book is available in both e-book and paperback at Amazon and Barnes & Noble