Review: Bouquet Toss by Melissa Brown

The Good: Melissa Brown’s debut novel is captivating, heart crushing and just plain REAL. Don’t let the cover fool you to believe this is a Cinderella story. Pain, pain and anguish, pain and uncertainty is more like it. I’ve so rarely seen a debutante author take the risk that Mrs. Brown took with her novel that I was completely intrigued, and while the turn of events made me want to throw my book reader across the room, I hung onto the little hope I had left and was surprisingly rewarded.

The Bad: This book was a little short for me. I wanted more and while the plot was great, I think it needed just a little bit more of character development.

The Ugly: Nothing. Just look at that cover! I’ve never wanted an organza gown and gold colored shoes any more. The only ugly thing about this book is that is not available on at Barnes & Noble.

Available in paperback and kindle format




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