Review: I Love You to Death by Natalie Ward

The Good: The ending for sure! To be fair, this book exceeded my expectations at the end. It was exactly what I expected yet I didn’t see it coming. The writer earned her stars with her craftiness and creativity. You also need to check out the amazing playing list. Every chapter title is meaningful and each chapter lists 3 songs that I absolutely loved. Also every chapter has a little introduction of sorts which sets the mood for the story.

The Bad: I almost gave up on this book 4% into it because of the British/Aussie? slang. This story is based in Boston with American characters, so i’m assuming the author is not American. Keep in mind that I never read synopsis and I don’t look up the authors before reading their books. For me it just takes away from the experience of reading a book. So to pick out slang problems at the beginning was a big turn off for me.

The Ugly: Before the 60% mark the dialogue in between Luke and Asha is so awkward. I found myself taking breaks just so I could get over what I had just read.

Book is available in paperback at both Barnes & Noble and Amazon, also on ebook for Kindle.


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