Review: Lengths by Steph Campbell and Liz Reinhardt

The Good: Some of the character development is what motivated me to finish this book. I really enjoyed a lot of one liners and I think the dialogue was pretty funny and cute most of the time. My favorite character was Grandpa and the relationship that he had with his grandson Deo.

The Bad: The two main characters were extremely annoying at times. Deo joked 24/7. I was very turned off by how immature he could be. Whit is a lost cause throughout the story, she finally makes a few amendments by the end of the book. While this story had great character development for second characters, the main characters were not even two-dimensional.

The Ugly: I could only take a little bit of the main character’s tantrums at a time. I usually read novels in one sitting, two or three days max if they are long, but every time I read a chapter I had to take a break, these two were too intense.. and not in a good way.

Available in paperback and ebook at both Amazon and Barnes & Noble


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