Review: Butterfly Weeds by Laura Miller

The Good: Such strong writing! The author has such a way with words, I was in love from the moment I read the first chapter. I’m going to be honest, as I started reading I thought it was a period novel, that’s how beautiful the writing is in this book. One of the best love stories I’ve read. I’m going to call it a Nicholas sparks-que story with charm and a great ending.

The Bad: The bad in my blog is very subjective, it can be bad in a bad way or it can be bad in a good way. This was bad in all sorts of good ways.  I cried a river of tears on this book. It broke my heart twice towards the ending. It was so sweet… a word of caution, it may be bad for your heart!

The Ugly: WHY isn’t this book published traditionally already? I not only want this book in the front shelves of all book stores, I want a movie and souvenirs! It was that good.

Available on ebook and paperback from both Amazon and Barnes & Noble

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