Review: The Sweet Gum Tree by Katherine Allred

The Good: Everything was great about this book, from the story line, to the writing to the character development. This book was absolutely perfection! The story starts when Alix is just 8 years old, in fact most of the first part of this book is a glimpse of her childhood. It was beautiful and captivating from the first few pages. You need all the background story to understand what happens in the second part of the book (Alix’s adulthood). I loved this book because I just couldn’t stop reading, The writer reveals little pieces of what’s coming in each chapter and while at first I thought it was a bit spoiler-ish, you really don’t know anything until you get to the scene that was aforementioned and everything is revealed. This book will break your heart, it is definitely one of the sweetest yet saddest books I’ve read. Ever.

The Bad: This book had some serious tragic moments, it was this short from killing puppies. In fact I do remember some chickens being lost in a catastrophic way. There is a death that shocked me to the core. I did not see it coming, not in a million years. It hurt, it stunned me. Be warned, not for the faint of heart!

The Ugly: Oh my word, that book cover is hideous. I just can’t even believe someone thought it was an acceptable concept. The cover of this book is to blame for all the time that it took me to finally get to read this book. That font! might as well be comic sans, because it just doesn’t do anything for the book. People kept recommending this book, but every time I would look at that cover, I couldn’t bring myself to pick it up. Trust me on this one folks, do not judge the book by its cover. Touche.

Available in paperback and ebook at Amazon and Barnes & Noble


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