Review: Red Lory by Dave Newell

The Good: Dave Newell’s writing is clean and descriptive without being overbearingly wordy. I love how the author set the scene in a small town at a time where the best transportation method was walking to and fro. You really get the sense of the happenings of a small community when everything and everyone is within walking distance. I noticed that while the characters were not physically described in great detail, I had no problem picturing their faces and manners. The character development was consistent and the narration was uniform too.

The Bad: The end is left open for interpretation. It is deep and it could be somewhat creepy…depending if you are a conspiracy theorist like myself. I thought there were a lot of questions left for the reader to think what he/she may. This book is a stand alone 😦

The Ugly: Only ugly thing here is that this book is not available for nook yet. Also the book has not a define genre which makes it kind of difficult to market to other readers. One thing thought, this books is unique and certainly a great read.

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