Review: Back to You by Priscilla Glenn

backtoyou Lauren is a young professional who has just switched jobs to accommodate going back to grad school. In her new job as a Pre-K teacher, she encounters someone she thought she would never see again. Being in a new city and a different environment, takes them both by surprise and as they try the common pleasantries, fate pushes them closer than they are comfortable with.
The narration of this story is quite flawless, the author gives the reader a little bit of the past when is needed without losing track of the present story flow. I found myself unable to put this book down and as a psychology major I really enjoyed the factual statements in this novel.

The Good: Character development! I loved every single character in this book. These characters are believable and they are flawed as any other human being. I loved seeing the past scenes as they give the reader a basis for the character’s motivations and actions. These characters were so real to me, they were logical and consistent. Wonderful writing.
The Bad: I did find a few editing errors, but is hard to find a book that doesn’t have them. I am marking down this book as one of my favorite stories and can’t say anything bad about it, really.

The Ugly: One character that I loved got neglected. I know why, and it was necessary for the main plot for this character to just go, but I can’t stop thinking about this character so the ugly thing about this story is that I want more but this is a stand alone.

I highly recommend this to contemporary romance readers looking for a good, sweet love story. Available at Amazon and Barnes & Noble


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