Review: Avoiding Responsibility by K.A. Linde

13560262 Lexi is done with the men in her past and she’s just about to graduate from law school. While the future is still in the air, she continues to try to move on with her life in the big city. Just when a new man has appear in her path, she gets pulled once again by one of the man that she’s been trying to avoid.
Another favor, a chance for closure. Lexi takes the opportunity to own her actions and take responsibility, hence the title.
In this story we get to see what has transpired during the last year since the end of book 1. Lexi becomes more secure and learns to confront all her fears and doubts.

The Good: The character development continues to be the author’s strongest suit. The writing is pretty good but it got a bit repetitive and wordy in some parts. I found myself skimming a bit but not a lot, I just needed to know what was going to happen. The characters kept me on edge until the end. I love when books do that.
The Bad: I found a few plot inconsistencies and timeline errors. I don’t think it’s a deal breaker but it was distracting for me. I notified the author so I am confident the few things that were overlooked will be resolved with the next update.

The Ugly: Great sequel, it was a nice read considering that it is the middle book in a trilogy. I find the second books in trilogies to be mediocre most of the time but this one didn’t disappoint. The only bad thing about this story is that it’s going to leave you wanting more!

This book was just released the first week of December and you can find it at Amazon and Barnes & Noble.


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