Review: Dirty Red by Tarryn Fisher

dirtyredThis is the book that I had been waiting for in 2012. After reading Tarryn Fisher’s debut novel The Opportunist in June I knew there was something special about her writing. At the time I didn’t know I had just read book one of a trilogy so I read the book again and went to find more from the author. To my surprise, I found out the author was working on book two and since then I have been obsessing over the release of this book.  This is my favorite series of contemporary romance, therefore this will be a very biased review.
Leah Smith is the leading lady of book two on this three dimensional tale. Leah doesn’t hold back, Leah plays dirty and will do anything to get what she wants. An interesting take on a romance novel, a chance to to see a different vantage point.

The Good: Exceptional writing. The author is a genius storyteller and her writing strategically reveals half truths and mysteries when the least expected. The story goes back and forth in between present time and past events that only the most observant readers are able to piece together in the right order. The main character is the villain and while the reader feel sympathy while reading her point of view, she doesn’t redeem at the end. Expect to hate this dirty red.
The Bad: Not enough Olivia! I warned you I was obsessed with the first book.! I loved Dirty Red for that extra vantage point, the book allowed me to see Olivia through something different than my rose-colored glasses, but it still didn’t have enough for me to not miss her. I loved being in her head in book one and when I finished the book I mourned knowing that I would never get to hear from her again.

The Ugly: This book brought a lot of hate to my heart. Even though the subject of postpartum depression was mentioned a lot throughout the book, I have zero tolerance for irresponsible women that chose to be mothers. I could not get over the fact that Leah could be so callous and negligent towards a little innocent being.

I highly recommend this series to New Adult and Contemporary fiction readers, get your copy at Amazon or Barnes & Noble


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