Review: Destined To Change by Lisa Harley

17182066 “Loralei Harper’s destiny was determined before her birth. It was very simple. She was expected to graduate from high school, marry Declan Sharp, and have two kids. She would stay at home with them, while her husband worked on the family farm. But the funny thing about destiny is…it can change in the blink of an eye.”

The Good: Great character development. I have to give props to the author because even though this is not my type of book, I was able to enjoy the plot and I found the characters to be likable and believable. This is a country love story, with a bit of conflict and heartbreak.

The Bad: While this is not exclusive to this novel, I have to mention that I felt like there was more to the story that needed to be told. At some points I felt like the characters wanted to say more but couldn’t. This specific reason is why I rated character development higher than everything else. I made the connection with the character and felt like the author censored certain parts to move on with the story.

The Ugly: Subplots needed more development and I wish we could have seen more of some of the characters mentioned at the beginning of the book. In general I just missed the few characters that we met in the first few chapters. Not a deal breaker though.

Overall this book is a nice read for a debut novel. Available on Valentines Day 2013 on ebook through Amazon.


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