Special Review: The Forgotten Ones by Laura Howard


Allison O’Malley lives at home with her single-mother Elizabeth, and Elizabeth’s parents. Quickly after Allison was born, Elizabeth’s mind started to deteriorate without much explanation. Elizabeth’s parents took both Elizabeth and Allison and became Elizabeth’s main caretakers.
Allison has grown in a small community with plenty of family around. Her cousin Nicole has always been like a sister, the popular one. Allison has always been a little bit of a recluse but she has been noticed by the local boys. Especially Ethan, who she happens to have noticed for quite some time too. Allison decides to take some interest in Ethan when a random young guy shows up at her grandparent’s house asking for her mother. Allison is confused at first but quickly recognition takes place. The man asking for her mother is the same man that she has seen in pictures, the man that broke her mother’s heart.
With him, Liam has brought hope for Elizabeth, but before he can see her again he has to take care of the problem he left behind and that has kept him away for the last 22 years.

Laura Howard makes a great debut as a New Adult genre writer. The Forgotten Ones is the first book in a series that will appeal to several readers. From YA, to paranormal, from romance to fantasy readers, The Forgotten Ones is a quick paced story about the legends of the Tuatha de Danaan, an Irish ancient tribe that has been somewhat forgotten. Get ready to delve into a magical story, an enchanted world where not everything is as it seems and that will only leave you wanting for more.

This Novel released early on May 1st. Get your copy at Amazon!


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